There’s a lot happening in the movie biz: Disney just bought 21st Century Fox and will be launching their own streaming service later this year. More interesting to me, though, is what’s going on with the most important distributor of serious film - The Criterion Collection. 

While most one-act operas have a shorter running time than operas with two or more acts, there are exceptions, notably Wagner's Das Rheingold, which runs more than two-and-a-half hours, and Salome, by Strauss, which plays for almost two hours. 

Justin Cary

The muffuletta sandwich may have Italian roots, but it is truly a New Orleans original.

Google announced this week that they’re getting into the blockbuster gaming market in a big way with their new service, which they’re calling Stadia.

As you may very well know, this year marks the 50th anniversary of the first Apollo moon landing. As such, director Todd Douglas Miller has made Apollo 11, which is almost certainly the closest we’ll get to even remotely approaching the astronauts’ actual experience.

Many Americans do not realize just how much the office of the President has evolved to become a major and complex pillar of power. 

Today’s the first day of spring and I welcome it with all of my heart. Every year at this time when the birds start their early morning singing, I get excited about it. Lately they’ve almost been loud enough to drown out the drumbeat of tragedy. Almost loud enough, but not quite.

“Inflection point” is a term originating in mathematics that describes the point on a curve at which the direction of the curve changes.

Business seems to have picked up on “inflection point,” broadening the term to refer to any moment of significant change. This makes sense in a realm like business, plotting out the curves that describe an ever-shifting bottom line.

But the term “inflection point” has made a turn into the larger world, now being applied to points of change in social, political, and cultural trends.

Beth Golay / KMUW

Back in 2012, John Bardo became Wichita State University's president. Some presidents are caretakers, who maintain the status quo. That was not Bardo’s legacy. He took on an institution that was, in some ways, not that different from the one where he taught back in the 1970s. Now, as the university's head, he became a builder, a transformer, and the campus became a very different space.

Book Review: 'Shout'

Mar 18, 2019

Author Laurie Halse Anderson first wrote about sexual assault in her groundbreaking novel, Speak, which came out in 1999 and opened the door for a national dialogue about rape culture and consent.