Brandon Whipple

Nadya Faulx / KMUW

Just days before early voting begins in the general election, Lyndy Wells is re-entering the race for Wichita mayor, this time as a write-in candidate.

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Supporters of Lyndy Wells are encouraging the Wichita businessman to campaign as a write-in candidate in next month's mayoral election.

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Lyndon Wells and Brandon Whipple were in a tight race for second place in the Wichita mayoral primary last week.

In the end, Whipple edged Wells to advance to the general election in November against incumbent Jeff Longwell.  

Nadya Faulx / Kevin Benavides / KMUW

The nine-person field for Wichita’s next mayor has been narrowed to two.

In a tight primary race Tuesday, incumbent Mayor Jeff Longwell and Kansas state Rep. Brandon Whipple topped seven other candidates to advance to the general election ballot in November. Unofficial results show Longwell received 32.3 percent percent of the vote; Whipple received 25.9 percent.