The Range | Nov. 6, 2020

Nov 6, 2020
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It’s First Friday, and that means it’s time to talk about the arts — along with cooking, chaos and mythology.

The Range | June 5, 2020

Jun 5, 2020
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This week, we meet an artist who relies on patrons getting up close and personal with her work to discuss how she's dealing with the new boundaries of social distancing.

And, we talk to the owners of a commercial cleaning service about what "clean" means during a pandemic. (You might not want to touch any more light switches.)

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Art can inspire, motivate and educate.

It also can lead to — let’s say — a good debate.

That’s certainly the case with M.T. Liggett’s sculptures, which, like the artist himself, inspire widely differing opinions.

Courtesy of the artist

Black artwork from Trinidad, Haiti, New York and Dallas will be featured at Wichita State University on Friday and Saturday as part of the annual “Art That Touches Your Heart” exhibition.

Organizer Janice Thacker says showcasing African-American artwork from Wichita and around the world offers attendees a window into black culture.

"I worked as a road artist for seven years and I have met these dealers and these artists and they are passionate about their work," Thacker says. "They are the ones that are carrying our history with a paintbrush and a sculpture."

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Steven Spielberg's masterpiece E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is one of the most beloved films ever made, and ranks No. 4 all-time in box office adjusted for inflation. This weekend, the Wichita Symphony will perform John Williams' Oscar-winning score for E.T. live while the movie itself is projected on a giant screen for the audience.

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After more than two decades of Final Fridays, many galleries and venues around Wichita are making the switch today to First Fridays.

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State and local leaders will join with Wichita residents this weekend to celebrate improvements made to Ninth Street from Hillside to I-135.

After a rocky decade, state funding for the arts in Kansas has begun to improve.

As of July 1, the start of a new fiscal year, state funding for the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission increased to $500,000, up from just over $190,000 over the last few years. It marks the highest state appropriation since 2013.

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This story was updated on Thursday, May 16

A change in leadership is coming to Wichita’s arts and cultural services division.

Longtime manager John D’Angelo resigned April 26. City officials say he left to take a similar job in Oxnard, California, but that might not have happened. This week, Oxnard announced layoffs in arts and culture, and proposed closing its performing arts center and a museum, according to the Ventura County Star.

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Canvas art, African artifacts and black history backpacks will be part of the African-American art show that opens Friday night at Wichita State University.

Danielle Johnson, assistant director of WSU's Office of Diversity and Inclusion, says the "Art That Touches Your Heart" art show, in its eighth year, began as a partnership with Wichita artist Janice Thacker.

"It provides a way for the university and the community to partner and celebrate black art together," Johnson says.