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The late artist Robert Smithson said that "Cultural confinement takes place when a curator imposes his or her own limits on an art exhibition, rather than asking an artist to set his or her own limits."

Curt Clonts

"I want to collect art, but I can never afford it!"

I hear this from frustrated folks all the time. Tight budgets can get in the way of art purchases, but there are other ways!

Surely by now you have purchased and are flying your Wichita flag! You feel the current and see how we, the Wichita people, are on fire and looking out for our city's growth and welfare. I hope you share these facts with your out-of-town friends as well.

Wichita Art Museum

Author Sondra Langel wrote the recent book Wichita Artists In Their Studios. The book of colorful photos and crisp essays features 50 Wichita-based artists and the studios in which they each create. The popular book is a great tribute to just 50 of the many great, hard-working artists in Wichita.

Wichita Art Museum Director Patricia McDonnell had the idea to invite each of the 50 artists featured in Ms. Langel's book to collectively curate an exhibition. 

A painter wishes to take a subject matter, render that image, and then capture the viewer. But when a painter can make the viewer truly pause and soak the image up while considering deeper meanings and feelings, the painter has become--or at least is on the road to becoming--a master. And this is a rare thing.

Jordan Kirtley

Jordan Kirtley has made me proud.

She has taken her WSU art degree, earned in 2013,  and put it to work here in Wichita with an exhibit on City Art's 2nd floor.

Beth Golay/KMUW

Wichita is our little city. We take ownership of it. We take our city to heart with immense pride. Art in our city is flourishing because we have made it so. The word is out that Wichita has an art scene because we made that happen.

Still, I have a few wishes left on my list for 2017.

On June 5, 2012, the Wichita community suffered a huge loss when one of our great local artists, Diane Thomas Lincoln passed away. The loss was sudden. This beautiful soul and talent, with a heart as big as the sun was here smiling one day and simply gone the next.

The art community felt the instant vacuum. A hugely gifted painter, professor, mentor to so many, and specialist in the restoration of liturgical work, historical buildings, and objects, Diane could never be replaced, and everyone in the Wichita Arts community knew it.

So much has been said about the return of the Joan Miro’s mural, "BIRD PEOPLE" at the Ulrich Museum, I feel that Miro is part of our community. We should know more about the man himself.

Ian Stewart's work is to local art what Iggy Pop's music is to rock and roll. Place yourself in its midst and you'll get a full dose, right in the face.