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The new exhibition “Monet to Matisse,” now on view at the Wichita Art Museum, is lovely. On loan from the Brooklyn Museum, the show features 59 works from the French Moderns dating from 1850 through 1950.

Back in the late '90s I would occasionally hang out with the great Wichita painter Shirley Glickman. She would invite me to run errands with her in her white Volvo station wagon. She would randomly call me and invite me over for Sunday brunch. 

I attended the opening of Kansas painter William Counter’s exhibition last Friday night at City Arts. The show is entitled “Red Stripe” and is an explosive exhibition. The show beckons the viewer through the front door with great color and message. 

Deborah Shaar

The news is out about the new and wonderful $22 million Mark Arts complex, which opened at Rock Road and 13th Street last week. I think we are extremely lucky to have this jewel in Wichita.

It’s now 2018! Happy New Year! I’d like to share my Arts Wish List for 2018 with you, so here it goes:

I am an artist. I chose this path many years ago. It is how I identify myself. This path is fraught with disaster.

The Art of Emprise

Dec 6, 2017
Curt Clonts

I took a drive downtown yesterday to go to the home office of Emprise Bank. I wanted to take a look at some of the art featured in the collection known as “The Art of Emprise.”

Tomorrow begins the holiday season. I wish you all the best. You will be buying gifts. Why not buy art?

“The Broken Winter” is the title of Wichita artist Emily Brookover’s 4th solo show. I have long been a fan of Ms. Brookover’s work. I have never seen any artist approach graphite on paper with such crisp precision. 

I recently read an article by world renowned painter David Salle in which he explained one of the things that is most valuable to him. It is a painting by Wichitan William Dickerson.  Salle grew up in Wichita and painters Bill Dickerson and his wife Betty were both Mr. Salle’s art teachers at the Wichita Art Association. Bill had turned down a chance to teach at the Art Institute of Chicago in order to return to Wichita and begin teaching in 1931.