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Artist Curt Clonts takes listeners on an artistic journey through the eyes of an insider. Tune in on alternate Wednesday to hear his latest art review.

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The Art and Design Advocates is a Wichita group that supports the WSU School of Art, Design, and Creative Industries and its students by providing funding for special needs, travel, and opportunities not financed through state or municipal funding. These funds help to enhance excellence within the art and design program.

These advocates are sponsoring another WSU Emerging Artist Show this year that promises to be very exciting.

Greteman Group

I remember back in the mid '90s when selling a painting for $200 was a hard-fought victory. The idea that somebody would buy local art and wanted to live with it was cause for celebration among local artists. An artist could have an exhibition and if she or he walked away with $600 it was a real success.

Wichita artist Bill Goffrier told me that he has strategically steered clear of showing his art in larger spaces.

A couple of weeks ago, Reuben Saunders, owner of a local art gallery that bears his name, took to social media with an idea to change the legendary Final Friday art crawl event to first Friday. Saunders finds that since most large cities offer a First Friday event it tends to confuse traveling art patrons and places us out of step with the national scene.

Curt Clonts

Do you feel like you got kicked around in 2018? I know I do. The political climate in the country is at an all-time low. I think people feel down. The “shock” volume has been on 10 for so long, over so many issues, that I think we, as a society, have gone tone deaf. Things just seem meaner.

In July of this year City Manager Robert Layton introduced budgetary ideas to Mayor Jeff Longwell and the City Council that proposed drastic cuts and eliminations of some libraries, public pools, Cowtown, and City Arts in order to “balance” the increased costs of our police force.

Wichita artist Wade Hampton earned his chops in the '90s as a member of The Famous Dead Artists. It took a lot of hype to get people interested in coming to art exhibitions and an artist had to crow like a rooster to make that happen.

Wichita artist Jim Simpson is a fisherman. Fishing and being out in nature is a mission for Mr. Simpson. 

I went to artist John Boyd’s funeral back in 2012. Everyone who entered was handed a scroll of canvas on which was printed a self portrait of John in a priestly robe.

I ran across this the other day. I began to look at some his works that we have collected at our house. Then I looked at all the works we have by artists who have passed on: Shirley Glickman abstracts, a William Dickerson still life, a Fred Wassall surrealist piece, a large Rex Hall work, “College Hill Park At Night” by Zona Wheeler, a landscape by Diane Thomas-Lincoln, and Prairie Prints done early last century.

Courtesy Curt Clonts

When I was a kid I was squirrelly and scared. I didn’t like school much and my parents were having marital problems back then. You could feel the tension in my house.

My mom was a saint while my dad was a very tough and sometimes harsh disciplinarian. I was a kid who came home from school and looked to see if his Father’s clothes were still in his closet. My Mom would get fed up from time to time and ask him to leave. At a young age I felt I had little to hold on to or any way to keep my fear and pain from eating away at me.