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With hotly contested gubernatorial and congressional races on the ballot, you won’t want to miss casting your vote in the Nov. 6 general election.

Here’s the lowdown on registering, advance ballots, voting with a criminal record and more.

If you just need to check where your polling place is, go here.

Registration deadline

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A record number of Sedgwick County voters turned out to vote early Tuesday, the first day the county’s 15 satellite sites were open to voters.

Election Commissioner Tabitha Lehman told Sedgwick County Commissioners at their meeting Wednesday that just under 10,000 people participated.

As of Wednesday morning, officials said close to 20 percent of registered voters in Sedgwick County had already cast ballots. Lehman said that equates to nearly 60,000 people. But, Lehman said, there are still close to 22,000 ballots her office has mailed out that have yet to be returned.

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Kansans who want to vote by mail for the fall election should probably get on it sooner rather than later.

In Kansas, voters can request advance ballots, mail them back and skip going to the polls at all. Wyandotte County Election Commissioner Bruce Newby says if that’s what you want to do, request a ballot as soon as possible. There needs to be enough time for election officials to mail you a ballot, for you to fill it out and mail it back.

Newby stresses that the ballots have to be back by the end of Election Day.

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An early voting flyer will be mailed Monday to all active registered voters in Sedgwick County who are not already on the list to receive an advance ballot.

Voters will receive information about the option to vote early before the general election on Nov. 8. Sedgwick County Chief Deputy Election Commissioner Sandy Gritz says in order to receive an advance-by-mail ballot, voters need to fill out and return the pre-filled application and provide:

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The Sedgwick County Election Office is now open for voting in advance of the Aug. 2 primary election.

Paper ballots and electronic voting machines are available to cast your ballot at the Sedgwick County Election Office. You can vote at the office through Aug. 1. Next week, 15 locations across Sedgwick County will also offer in-person early voting.

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Thousands of people in Sedgwick County are taking advantage of early voting before Aug. 2--and there's more than one way to get your vote in ahead of the Kansas primary.