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'Birds' Brightens Up The Day

I met a friend on a cold, rainy day for lunch at Birds on The Roof, on Rock Road and Central, and my day immediately improved.

The restaurant is lovely, beautifully pink and green and bright. The pastry case was filled with pretty treats and cakes, and we were greeted by smiles and seated right away.

We sat and were given three little biscuits, light pink and green and cream, flavored gently and only slightly sweet. The sweet butter that was served with them was delicious.

The menu is extensive, as they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everything looked good, but we decided to share the croque-monsieur and chicken crepes with mushroom sauce.

Croque-monseiur is a sandwich with ham, gruyère, and béchamel sauce, that is toasted, creamy and salty. The version I was given was delightful, with all the right textures and flavors. Croque-monsieur translates loosely into “Mister Crunchy,” and it lived up to its name.

The small but well crafted salad that I ordered was fresh and dressed in a classic vinaigrette. My friend’s crepes were also delicious, creamy chunks of chicken folded into tender pancakes, and the mushroom sauce was delicate but full of herbs and slices of mushroom. She chose tomato soup to go with her lunch. It was very savory and textured, without being chunky. Parmesan cheese was mixed in and the fresh herbs that were added took a simple soup to a sophisticated treat.

We resolved to go back for brunch, which includes an intriguing duck hash, and a salmon eggs benedict that I am excited to try. They do not serve wine yet, but I can’t wait until they do, as dinner looks fantastic, too. I see many fine meals there in my future.