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Classic Thai With Romantic Flavor

Hugo Phan

Thai Tradition is one of my favorite Thai restaurants in Wichita.

It is dark and pretty inside, with a romantic ambience that sets it apart from many other Thai establishments in town. The food is delicious and beautifully presented on nice china. I like to take out-of-town guests there to relax and chill out after a long day of travel or business work.

The atmosphere is immediately soothing, and then the fun begins. Thai Tradition serves classic restaurant Thai food, meaning that the requisite fresh spring rolls, lemongrass chicken soup, creamy green coconut curry, and Pad Thai are all available and delicious.

If you are unfamiliar with Thai flavors, Thai Tradition is a good place to start. Everything is fresh and tastes “correct.” If you are adventurous, the menu offers a few more unusual dishes, like tart, spicy green papaya salad and very garlicky sautéed calamari. I like to order a few appetizers and salads to start, then a curry and a stir fry and a noodle dish to share.

I like chili-hot food, but you can order any level of heat and the food is still very flavorful. Even very sensitive palates can be accommodated here. If you are sharing with me, expect to get a hot-pepper high. One of the best things about Thai Tradition is that even if you order your food “Thai hot”, the fresh flavors of the herbs, vegetables, and coconut are not overpowered.

Thai Tradition also has one of the most extensive vegetarian-friendly menus in town. Tofu can be substituted for any protein in any dish, or extra vegetables added if you are not a tofu fan. Just check to make sure no fish sauce is used in your dish. Everyone leaves happy and full, if not seeing capsacin visions, like I do.