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Tanya Tandoc


All right, pizza lovers, fire up your engines! Picasso’s Pizza has opened and their pies are divine. I usually give a new place a couple of months to settle in before I try it out, but all of my social media friends were posting delicious-looking pictures and tweets, so I couldn’t resist. I met my pizza expert—my husband Wayne—for dinner the other day and we were both immediately hooked.

Picasso’s serves New York-style pizza: enormous slices with paper-thin centers and puffy, crisp edges. The crust is wonderful, crisp on the bottom but still elastic and chewy on top. The toppings range from plain-Jane to really inventive, and are perfectly distributed on the pie. Their red sauce is delicious, salty and acidic enough to balance the cheese and bread, and full of tomato flavor. I had the “Kansan” slice—covered with blue cheese, spinach, red onion, and sunflower seeds; and the Picasso—dolloped with basil pesto and topped with spinach, Roma tomatoes, and feta and romano cheese. Wayne went classic with pepperoni, which he folded in half and ate so quickly I didn’t get a single bite.

Picasso’s serves fun sandwiches and salads as well as pizza, and I’m excited to try them all. They are family friendly and inexpensive, and they offer gluten-free and vegetarian options. You can buy pizza by the slice, or by the pie. Either way, Picasso’s is fantastic.