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Strange Currency Art Contest

Starting October 18, we’re accepting entries for the Strange Currency logo contest.

We’ll leave it open for one month, until November 18.

We will choose the winning piece based on how well it exemplifies all that is Strange Currency.

Besides getting all of the obvious praise and accolades, your work will also be transformed into Strange Currency-themed shirts, mugs, stickers and cat toys.

There are only a few rules:

1) Open to all, regardless of experience.
2) Any medium is acceptable.
3) Your work must include your illustration/interpretatio?n of the Strange Currency mascot, the praying mantis.
4) It must include the KMUW logo. However, it can be customized to fit into the style of your art.
5) Digital versions must be 10” x 13” and 300 dpi, vector is preferred.
6) Entries can be emailed to info@kmuw.org and you will receive acknowledgment of receipt.
7) Entries can be delivered to KMUW at 3317 E. 17th St. N.
8) Contest closes on August 31.
9) The winning work will remain as the Strange Currency logo for (at least) one year.

We can hardly wait to see your work!