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Strange Currency's Best Local Releases of 2021


Best Albums By Local Artists

  1. Eros — Maria Elena Silva
  2. Live at Art Church — Haymakers
  3. No Cops — Not Cops
  4. Huckleberry — Jason Teubner
  5. Bad Hombres — The Giant Thriller
  6. Abandon — The Coma Calling
  7. Jim of Earth (original score) — The Coma Calling
  8. Hit Record — Dead Shoes
  9. Love Over Fear — Harrison Steele
  10. Stressed to Impress — Old Man Creaky Bones


  1. “Star Quality” — Social Cinema
  2. “Through The Cracks” — Dusty Grant
  3. “Cold City” — Rudy Love Jr.
  4. “My Favorite T-Shirt” — Yasmin Nur
  5. “Angel On My Shoulder” — Billy Ray & The Buttercutter
  6. “Fly Away With Me” — Rudy Love Jr.
  7. “Build” — Rudy Love Jr.
  8. “For You” — Dusty Grant
  9. “I’ve Been Fighting With God” — Junior Retreat
  10. “Haunted” — Junior Retreat

Local Ties

  1. The Dirt and the Dust — Mike Coykendall (Portland, Oregon, formerly Wichita)
  2. Vault of Light — Berry (Joey Lemon, Wichita)
  3. Pawn Shop Queen — Katie Jo (Los Angeles, formerly Wichita)
  4. Seven Bridges — Charles Rumback (Chicago, formerly Hutchison)
  5. Brand New Ghosts — Gooding (Nashville, formerly Wichita)
Jedd Beaudoin holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in English (writing) and a Master's of Fine Arts in creative writing from Wichita State University, where he was a Creative Writing Fellow. He has taught English at both WSU and Butler Community College and has served as faculty in the WSU’s School of Art, Design and Creative Industries. His academic interests lie in the areas of Public History, English Composition, Art History and Subcultures.