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Kenya, Violin Day, Asian Zither, Eddie Palmieri and Mariza

Monday, December 12

Global Village marks Jamhuri or Republic Day, celebrating the independence of Kenya, with a program devoted to Kenyan music from a variety of artists, including benga pioneer and star D.O. Misiani, the Kenyan-American group Extra Golden, guitar and bottle band Abana Ba Nasery, and the first internationally released studio album from a popular group of Congolese musicians who made their career in Kenya, Orchestre Les Mangelepa.

Tuesday, December 13

It's World Violin Day and Global Village celebrates with music from a number of violinists and bands featuring violins from around the world. We'll hear the Canadian violin and cello quartet – the Fretless, another Canadian group – the Sultans of String, Mathias Duplessy and The 3 Violins of the World (from China, India and Mongolia), a Paolo Conte song from the Hot Club of San Francisco, the famed Cuban charanga band – Orquesta Aragón, 2023 NEA Jazz Master Regina Carter from her Africa-inspired project, Reverse Thread, and more.

Strange Currency and Night Train also celebrate World Violin Day tonight.

Wednesday, December 14

Z is for Zither this time in the Global Village, as we highlight the zither from China (the ancient guqin) and similar instruments that evolved from it in Vietnam (đàn tranh), Korea (gayageum), Mongolia (yatga), and Japan (koto) in music ranging from the traditional to contemporary works that also draw on classical, jazz, and popular music. Artists and groups featured include Tri Nguyen, Jim Snidero, Khusugtun, Yat-Kha, and the Yamato Ensemble.

Thursday, December 15

Global Village marks the birthday of Latin jazz giant Eddie Palmieri in a special edition of the show devoted to his music. We'll hear the pianist, composer, and band leader on classics he did as leader, working as a special guest with the Fania All-Stars and Conrad Herwig, and from a vintage release he did with West Coast Latin jazz pioneer Cal Tjader.

Night Train also features music from Eddie Palmieri tonight.

Friday, December 16

Today is the birthday of fado star Mariza and we'll hear some classic songs and some of the music she's done that has expanded the sound of Portuguese fado music. We'll also hear the latest from Finnish fiddler and vocalist Paivi Hirvonen, contemporary Latin band Ozomatli, and Mauritanian guitarist Becaye, along with classic reggae from Coyabalites, and the groundbreaking '60s Indian album Call of the Valley.

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