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WSU Hosts Technology And Innovation Brainstorming Session With Government Agencies

Deborah Shaar

Federal and state program managers from 14 agencies stopped at Wichita State University Thursday to spread the word about $2.5 billion in available technology funding. KMUW’s Deborah Shaar reports.

The federal representatives described the processes, tips and success stories for getting early stage projects funded.

The funding is being provided through the federal Small Business Innovation Research program, as well as the Small Business Technology program.

Cindy Claycomb of Wichita State Ventures says the application process for the small business innovation seed money is complex, so having one-on-one sessions with federal representatives helps.

“It’s good to be able to talk to these program managers about 'What do you expect?' and 'Here’s my idea and how might it connect with those things that you are looking for,'” she says.

Credit Deborah Shaar
Ross Draney with Cover Six Shelters.

Ross Draney works for Cover Six Shelters, a division of RedGuard, which makes blast-resistant buildings, mainly for the oil and gas industry. Draney says the 10-year-old Wichita business is hoping to work with the military.

He says he made a lot of good contacts at the event.

“You can work for months in the federal space to get a face-to-face, so having a room full of them here in location is just fantastic,” Draney says.

More than 160 innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers and technology firms took part in the event.


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