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Richard Crowson Commentary

Working In A White House Wonderland


(A song, to the tune of Winter Wonderland)

Going away is John Kelly
He took a swift kick to the belly
You'd think it takes a real chump
To want to join up with Trump
Working in a White House Wonderland

In the meadow Trump can build a snowman
And offer him the job of chief of staff
But when Trump tries to hire him he’d say, “No, man!
I’d have to be insane! Don’t make me laugh!”

Later on, Trump will perspire
‘Cause there’s no one left to fire
Eating Big Macs with cheese
Among blood-red Christmas trees
Working in a White House Wonderland

Maybe there’s somebody who will do it
Work extra hard for pay that’s cut in half
If I were Trump I think I’d look into it
Hire an undocumented immigrant chief of staff!

Gone away are so many
It used to be that there were plenty
As Mueller tightens the knot
Nobody wants to get caught
Working in a White House Wonderland