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Richard Crowson Commentary

Crowson: I Thought Surely It Was Over


Oh, my goodness! Can that year finally be over? Whew! Bet you never thought we'd get here! But the good news is we survived!

So many weird and off-the-wall events took place... it just seems like it would never end. So here we are at the start of a brand new year. Let's all raise a glass and cheer the end of that wild and crazy 2018! 

And give ourselves a little credit! We got through it! It may have seemed like it took forever, what with the rresident's increasingly bizarre tweets and the revelations in the book, Fire and Fury.

I mean, we all thought nothing could surpass the horrors of 2017. But, by golly, 2018 rose to the challenge! The fall of Steve Bannon, Trump's "very stable genius" tweets, our state's unprecedented "who's on first" governor situation, the horribly racist statements of that Garden City Republican legislator, it just went on and on.

We're all frazzled; we're all exhausted, but hooray! 2018 is over! Here's to a better, more relaxed 2019! Let's all do what we can...

INTERRUPTION BY PRODUCER: Um, Richard, Richard, it's still 2018.

Huh? What???

PRODUCER: It's still 2018. In fact, we're only in the second week of 2018.

Ooooookaay. I thought surely it was over, so much has happened... um, pardon me folks, but my producer tells me I'm a little off here.

I take back all that about us surviving... we're doomed. Happy new year.

For KMUW, I'm Richard Crowson... I think.