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Richard Crowson Commentary

Crowson: Strangers In The Night


Here’s a little tune The President is singing these days:

Strangers in the night - Who’s this Paul Manafort?
George Papadopoulos??? - Not heard that name before
Rick Gates rings no bell, They’re all unknown to me
I know I once bragged that my memory was bigly
But that was before Bob Mueller came after me
Wish that he would go
And bother Hillary

Strangers in the night, perhaps I met them
It was all so long ago
He may have been my campaign manager
I’m not really sure
But there was truly no colludin’
Nothing connects me and Putin

Can we change the subject - Let’s talk about football
The Civil War, a tax cut, just anything at all
Manafort and Gates and Papadopoulos
Were all just strangers in the night