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Richard Crowson Commentary

Crowson: A New Campfire Song


The President speaks to a Boy Scout Jamboree and suddenly scouts have a new campfire song to sing:

Hello, muddah, hello faddah
Boy Scout Jamboree’s in hot wattah
Trump just spoke and now it’s critical
‘Cause there’s a rule that says we should not be political

For 80 years it has been tradition
Speeches take no political position
A Jamboree’s not a campaign stump
Then Trump comes and makes a speech that’s all about Trump

Take me home, oh muddah, fadduh
This Jamboree is just anudder
Campaign rally for a guy who’s
Ego constantly needs stroking

This is not what I was about
When I signed up to be a scout
I thought campfire stories were cool
Now we get stories from Trump about a cesspool.

True, he never was a Boy Scout
Instead of canoeing, he took his yacht out
The Boy Scout Oath he never thought great
Especially that part about “be morally straight”