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Crowson: Wordsworthian-ish Reverie on a Rejuvenating-ish Walk

When the news gets too grim, as it so often does here in Kansas, I seek solace in walks with our Airedale, Lucy.

We strolled along, Lucy enthralled with a couple of amorous squirrels nearby, and me feeling the warmth of another prematurely summery March morning. I thought about what a strangely “ish” season we’ve just had. You can’t really say it was winter – just winter-ish.

Not much else in Kansas is “ishy” these days. Our governor is not rightwing-ish. He is a full-on conservative of the sort that would have been widely seen as radical in Kansas only a few years ago. Ditto for our legislature–wide-eyed idealogues without an “ish” among them.

Lucy lunged at one of the squirrels that had temporarily abandoned its lover to chatter at her. I continued my Wordsworthian-ish reverie on nature, as best I could.

The blossoms on the early-blooming pear trees put me in mind of the great wave of young voters I have seen lately bursting with enthusiasm, especially for Bernie Sanders. I love how so many progressives have so much energy for this presidential election. I wonder where they were when our governor was getting re-elected and our legislature was getting stuffed like a sausage with anti-progressives. Those are the politicians that most affect our daily lives–not the President. Are these young voters just progressive-ish?

Oh, well. I’ve got to quit seeing political metaphors amongst the robins and the daffodils. At least Lucy enjoyed some rejuvenation. For me it was only rejuvenating-ish.

Richard Crowson is not only a editorial commentator for KMUW. He's also a cartoonist, an artist and a banjo player.