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Richard Crowson Commentary

Somewhere Over The State Line

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Lately I’ve had several friends click their ruby slippers together and move out of Kansas, away from heartless budget slashers, brainless science deniers and cowardly, lying politicians…so why not sing!

(tune of Over the Rainbow)

Somewhere over the state line my friends flee
Greener fields are over the state line far from Brownback’s economy

Somewhere over the state line education thrives
Here schools all have to suffer while Sam’s tax cut for the rich survives

Progressive-minded people are just fed up and they’re moving farther and farther
Where voting’s not discouraged by
A Secretary of State that tries to make voting harder

Somewhere over the state line hospitals don’t die
Medicaid expansion isn’t something their governors velify

Somewhere over the state line folks still care
Whether or not everyone else has guns in their underwear

Not long ago our state was kind, conservative but open minded too
But now they’re after Medicare
And older folks must move elsewhere What else can we do???

Somewhere over the state line we must take flight
Will the last person in Kansas please turn out the light