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Crowson: Does Our State Have A New Mascot?

Richard Crowson

Were you as shocked and appalled as I was at the outrageous treatment of our own Governor Brownback by the audacious WSU and KU fans in Omaha? I could not believe my ears when I heard those boos aimed at this fine man. After all he’s done for the state of Kansas, this is his reward???

They boo a man who has saved our state from the ravages of economic recovery? A man who had the foresight to dam up Kansas revenue streams, causing a 25% reduction in income tax collections last year?

At a time when most other states had revenue increases? Don’t those booing ingrates realize that he has rid us of the burden of having a rainy day fund? It’s gone now, thanks to the bills our state has to pay. And, hey, all of you booing Sunflower Staters: Thanks to Governor Brownback, our posh Kansas schools will soon be selling their pianos, their smart boards, their swing sets, their bathroom fixtures and their extravagant pencil sharpeners on eBay to supplement their diminished budgets. Just think of the economics lesson in free-marketry this experience will provide students.

That hero you just booed has spiritually motivated impoverished Kansans to turn to desperate prayer instead of medical care, with his brave stand against expanded Medicaid. He’s even given the car repair industry a boost by slashing money for highways, causing more car-shaking potholes. How can you have booed Sam Brownback?

And now, as the Shockers advance in the tournament and our governor slips into his WSU Shocker shirt, he’s even given us a new mascot to puzzle the national commentators.

Call him Boo-Shock.

This commentary originally aired during Morning Edition on 03/25/14.

Richard Crowson is not only a editorial commentator for KMUW. He's also a cartoonist, an artist and a banjo player.