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Richard Crowson Commentary

Richard Crowson: Cool, Clear Water


For years hereabout we’ve dealt with drought

And gone without much water, cool water.

Through it all, old Wichita, without rainfall

Did cry for water, cool, clear water.

Raise the water rate, higher bills are just our fate

‘Cause we’re living in a state without water

Cool water

But, wait, can it be?

What’s that cloud up there I see?

Now it’s raining down on me, such water!

Cool water

The rains did fall, Mother Nature heard our call

And she flooded Wichita with water, cool water.

Then it rained some more, each day it poured

‘Til we all swore at water, cool, clear water.

Wha’cha wanta bet, even though its raining yet

We’re never gonna get our water rates cut

Or our grass cut.

(With apologies to the Sons of the Pioneers.)