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Richard Crowson: I Vote! (By Rote)

How could the Kansas Legislature do what they did? Maybe it’s because they know the Kansas voters always sing the same song.

I vote, and I vote by rote

It’s always the conservative who floats my boat

I always give their opposition the ax

I don’t like to clog up my brain with facts

So I just vote for every candidate who says they’re gonna cut my tax

Used to be a school, it was a shiny little jewel

They had the teachers and equipment, they could educate the stubbornist mule

I’m all for schoolin’ and I don’t mean to knock it

But I hate taxes! Shut that dang school and lock it!

Who cares as long as I’ve got an extra dollar in my back pocket?

Cut higher ed, cut the disabled’s med

Cut benefits for the mentally ill, I’ll still vote red

With the right-wingers I’m always agreein’

Welfare benefits should never be free, an’

The only cup that runneth over is the cup that they'll pee in!

Republicans did what? Would you repeat that, please?

They passed a 777 million dollar tax increase???

Well it was mostly on the poor and middle class

So on Election Day I’ll give ‘em a pass

Long as they call themselves conservative I’m gonna re-elect ‘em en masse

‘Cause I vote, and I vote by rote!

Richard Crowson is not only a editorial commentator for KMUW. He's also a cartoonist, an artist and a banjo player.