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Richard Crowson Commentary

Richard Crowson: Regulations!


Whew! Sorry, folks, I almost didn’t make it here to the KMUW studio this morning to do my commentary. I was on time when I left my home but as I was going up Hillside my horse stumbled badly and I fell out of the saddle. He had a considerable limp after that so we slowed down and I just now tied him up to the hitching post out front where the KMUW parking lot used to be.

Truth of the matter is, every now and then I sure miss the good old days when everybody drove around in cars instead of having to ride horses like we all do now.

In my opinion, the government never should have started down that slippery slope with all those laws they passed regarding cars. Speed limits, traffic lights, special lanes you have to stay in, regulations about left turns… sheesh. They even made us get government-issued driver's licenses! It happened just exactly like the Automobile Manufacturers Association warned us it would. Eventually they took away all our cars!

And now we have to ride horses everywhere.

Of course, I realize that you can’t even hear the words I’m saying in this commentary due to the fact that back when they started writing regulations about electricity, under the guise of “safety,” the government started down the slippery slope that led them to eventually banning radios.

Oh, well. At least we have our guns. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take my gun outside and shoot my poor lame horse. Let’s see…should I use my AK-47 or my Bushmaster? Oh, wait! My M134 can fire 166 bullets per second… that should thoroughly kill my horse. Sure glad those guns are perfectly legal!