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Richard Crowson Commentary

Richard Crowson: Kansas Legislators, Take Your Time On This One

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There’s a bill before our Kansas legislature to make the Cain Terrier the official State Dog of the State of Kansas. I applaud our esteemed deliberative governing body for its willingness to take up this issue. But I have this advice: Go slowly, dear legislators. Weigh the pros and cons. Consult with recognized experts in this field. Public hearings would be advisable as well. Have your staffs arm you with reams of research. Take the time required to get this issue right. Many wonderful dog breeds may have Kansas connections that you should consider. There may be field trips necessary. Perhaps a fleet of chartered buses could deliver large numbers of legislators to dog kennel sites around our great state.

I repeat, Kansas Legislators: Take the time required to get this issue right.

Oh, sure, there was a time when I would have ridiculed the idea of our legislature taking on such issues. I would rant and rail about the legislature “wasting time” on trivial matters when there are so many pressing issues competing for their attention.

But as the years have gone by and I have observed how the Kansas Legislature usually votes on important issues, I’ve changed my tune. I’d much rather have them focusing their laser-like intelligence on state dogs rather than state school funding, or abortion, or services for the disabled, or abortion, or redistribution of income away from the poor and toward the wealthy, or abortion.

So go ahead, Kansas legislators. Bark up that tree all you want. Spend weeks on the state dog issue. And while you’re at it, work late into the night on your own time as well, on your laptops, instead of emailing racist garbage to people.

Work like dogs, legislators. Give it all of your attention. Please. And quit gnawing on our schools, state services and women’s reproduction rights.