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Richard Crowson Commentary

Richard Crowson: Living In A Water Wonderland

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As this season of joy and peace falls upon the earth; as the winter snowflakes silently drift downward, ever downward toward the frosty ground; as Santa descends chimney after chimney, falling with his presents into millions of homes, it’s nice to think that there are a few things that are going up instead of down.

City Hall has a present
For each Wichita peasant
In the December chill
They’re raising your bill
Living in a water wonderland

Businesses have had it easy
Now their bills will make them queasy
Though their bills get a raise
Customers are who pays
Living in a water wonderland

Just try to cut your usage to a trickle
Skip a bath or let your front yard die
They’ll slap a fee upon you, they’re not fickle
It costs you more the less of it you buy

Equus beds need recharging
Sewer fees keep enlarging
Might as well just admit
Though it hurts us a bit
We’re living in a water wonderland.