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Huge Kansas Statehouse Rally Promotes Religious Freedom

Stephen Koranda

The Kansas Statehouse filled with more than 1,000 people opposing government policies that they say hamper religious freedom.

Speakers at yesterday’s rally criticized requirements that businesses offer certain types of birth control coverage in their health insurance. A florist from Washington state told the crowd that she was sued for refusing to provide flowers for a same-sex wedding.

Gov. Sam Brownback called for the crowd to fight government policies that infringe on religious beliefs.

“We stand united for the principle that every human has dignity and the right to practice their religion free from unjust government coercion,” Brownback said.

Following the event, Brownback said he’d support writing into law an executive order he signed protecting religious organizations. It says religious groups that oppose same-sex marriage can’t face sanctions from the state. Brownback wouldn’t say if he’d support a broader bill.

The Kansas House passed a religious freedom bill in 2014, but it failed in the Senate after critics said it would protect discrimination.