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Beth Golay / KMUW

This week on The Range, we go En Route with Wichita transplant Jesus Ortega. He moved here in 2018 for a fresh start and a new life — and that's exactly what he found.

Plus, let the buyer beware: Sellers rule the Wichita housing market, and that's not likely to change anytime soon.

Torin Andersen / KMUW

Up until this past year, Aaron Lee Martin performed regularly at venues around Wichita. Now, the worship leader at Hope Community Church in Andover is finding new ways to connect with others.

This week on The Range, Martin talks about how the pandemic has changed his approach to storytelling.

Carla Eckels / KMUW

A new partnership between the Wichita Black Nurses Association, Black churches and the Sedgwick County Health Department is working to get the COVID-19 vaccine to communities of color that have been hit particularly hard by the disease.

This week on The Range, we stop by a vaccination clinic at St. James Missionary Baptist Church to hear why increasing access to the vaccine is so vital.

Plus, don't throw those food scraps away — we talk to the owner of Nudge Compost about the greener alternative to clean your plate.

Nadya Faulx / KMUW/File photo

It's an anniversary we won't be celebrating: one year of COVID-19.

This week, we're looking back on the pandemic year and asking: How do we move forward?

Lu Anne Stephens / KMUW

Cowley County is the stone arch bridge capital of Kansas. Seriously, look it up.

This week on The Range, we take a road trip through the county to search for some of its beautiful — and historic — bridges.

Torin Andersen / KMUW

Black-owned art galleries are rare in the U.S., and in Wichita it's no different. But one former aviation worker is trying to change that here, starting with a new art gallery downtown.

This week on The Range, we visit the Mulberry Art Gallery and talk to its founder about why wanted to create a platform for artists of color. 

The Range | Feb. 26, 2021

Feb 26, 2021
Courtesy Wichita State

Wichita State men’s basketball coach Isaac Brown continues to draw more attention as he leads the Shockers to more victories — including last week’s win over highly ranked Houston.

This week on The Range, we get to know Wichita State’s first Black head basketball coach.

The Range | Feb. 19, 2021

Feb 19, 2021
Beth Golay / KMUW

Much of the country saw record cold recently — not ideal weather for public transportation.

This week on The Range, we go en route with a Texan who wasn't a fan of the Wichita weather.

Plus, we say goodbye to a Wichita icon and the coolest business jet ever.

The Range | Feb. 12, 2021

Feb 12, 2021
Lu Anne Stephens / KMUW

Wichita turned 150 years old last year, which means there’s a fair amount of history in our city. But sometimes you have to search for it a bit.

This week on The Range, we visit the Kansas Firefighters Museum — a small building in south Wichita that contains a large piece of the city's past.

The Range | Feb. 5, 2021

Feb 5, 2021
Torin Andersen / KMUW

For years, it was "the hole." Then it was the ICT Pop-Up Park. Now, it's an art gallery. But the future of that small gravel lot along Douglas between Market and Main is unclear.

This week on The Range, we look at the legacy of the pop-up park and at its new role.