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Marginalia is an on-air commentary and podcast hosted by KMUW's Beth Golay. Episodes feature author interviews, editorial commentary and other marginalia to enhance the reading experience.

Several of Beth's interviews are included each year in NPR's Book Concierge.

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Maggie Shipstead’s novel Great Circle tells the story of two women who lived nearly a century apart—a daredevil aviator and a recently shamed Hollywood actor.

Lexey Swall Photography

Early Morning Riser is a novel about a woman who moves to a small town in Michigan to teach school and ends up falling in love with the local playboy.

Holly Andres

In her timely novel, Kirstin Valdez Quade introduces readers to a family in a small New Mexico town. Beginning and ending in Holy Week, The Five Wounds spans a year in which 33-year-old Amadeo tries to redeem himself, his martyr-ish mother, Yolanda, hides an illness, and his 15-year-old daughter, Angel, becomes an unwed mother who out-matures all characters combined.

Heather Edison

There is a blurb from Mat Johnson on the back of How I Learned to Hate in Ohio that reads: “David Stuart MacLean is a writer who can break your heart, terrify you, and make you laugh, all on the same page.” I’m typically not a blurb reader, but this was such a good description of MacLean’s writing that I had to include it.

Sabreen Lakhani

If you’re a Marginalia listener, you know that this podcast features interviews with authors of the newest releases in publishing. When I first learned about The Ex Talk, it was described as a novel set in public radio. My worlds collided and I believe my reaction was, “yes please.”

Michelle Branca Lee

Chang-rae Lee is known for exploring issues of culture and identity. His new novel, My Year Abroad, introduces readers to a young American who is taken on a year-long global adventure by a Chinese-American businessman.

Travis Olson

Jackie Polzin's novel, Brood, explores the endless challenges of caring for another creature.

Sara Reeve

Elly Griffiths is a British author with more than a dozen titles published internationally. She’s probably best known for Ruth Galloway mysteries and she won an Edgar Award last year for The Stranger Diaries.

Today is the release date for a standalone novel, The Postscript Murders, which is an inside-publishing crime thriller. Murder leaps off the page, so to speak, when crime novelists begin turning up dead.

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In his novel, The Bad Muslim Discount, Syed M. Masood examines universal questions of identity, faith, and belonging through the lens of Muslim Americans. As one who has been a citizen in three countries, Masood introduces an original voice and fascinating gaze on America with equal parts gravitas and humor. 

Melanie Finn’s literary thriller, The Hare, considers a woman's inherent sense of obligation—sexual and emotional—to the male hierarchy.