Your Move: Super Mario At 35

Sep 10, 2020

Super Mario is 35 years old this month, and Nintendo is releasing several Mario games in the next year to celebrate.


The craziest to me is a new Mariokart game for the Nintendo Switch, named Mariokart Live: Home Circuit. In this game, you drive a real remote-control car with a camera on it through your actual house. You set up the track and checkpoints, and then the Switch overlays opponents, obstacles, and items on the track in real-time. The game supports multiple players, too. No word on how much the cars cost, but I’m betting they won’t be cheap.


Nintendo is also re-releasing one of my favorite recent Mario games, Super Mario 3D World. The game was previously only available on the unpopular Wii U system, so I’m glad that more people will be able to experience it, because it’s delightful. I spoke about it way back in 2013, calling the game ‘nearly perfect’, and I still agree.


Nintendo has lots more planned, like a multiplayer take on the original Super Mario Bros called Super Mario Bros 35; a handheld game that only plays Super Mario Bros; and in-game events in Super Mario Maker 2


Finally, Nintendo is releasing a compilation of 3D Mario games called Super Mario 3D All-Stars. It’s a high-definition remaster of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. Not to discount Sunshine or Galaxy, but I consider Super Mario 64 to be a genre-defining masterpiece, and still to this day one of the best 3D platformers ever released. 3D All-Stars comes out next week, and for whatever reason, is only available through March.