Voter Suppression Concerns In Kansas Motivate College Student To Vote

Nov 6, 2018

Election Day in Kansas is expected to surpass previous midterm elections. One college student in Wichita said he voted for the first time in a general election because of concerns about voter suppression in the state.

Twenty-year-old Mohammad Dia said part of his motivation to vote was caused by events in Dodge City — where the only polling place in the predominately Hispanic city was moved outside of town.

"The people that did have access to vote inside Dodge City probably don't have that same access just because of transportation or just the means to go out and vote, taking off work and things like that," Dia said, "so using my power here as a citizen to vote will hopefully effect them in a positive way."

Dodge City government has rejected claims of discrimination and offered door-to-door rides to the new polling place.

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