Visiting Artists Showcase Black Art From Near & Far At WSU

Feb 6, 2020

Black artwork from Trinidad, Haiti, New York and Dallas will be featured at Wichita State University on Friday and Saturday as part of the annual “Art That Touches Your Heart” exhibition.

Organizer Janice Thacker says showcasing African-American artwork from Wichita and around the world offers attendees a window into black culture.

"I worked as a road artist for seven years and I have met these dealers and these artists and they are passionate about their work," Thacker says. "They are the ones that are carrying our history with a paintbrush and a sculpture."

Visiting artists include Buchi Upjohn from Atlanta, Garobert Reid from Trinidad, Francks Deceus from Haiti, Anthony Pollard from New York, Jamaal Stafford from Dallas, as well as several local artists who will also feature their work.

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