Viral Kindness: A Dose Of Goodwill

Apr 2, 2021

Writer Caroni Lombard recently received a dose of goodwill that will last her for a while.

"Last month, a friend of mine called me and she asked me how I was doing. She knows I’m in kind of a financial bind because of COVID. And I told her, 'Well, yesterday I had to spend $350 on my dog, and things are pretty tight.' She asked me, 'Is there anything you need?' So I said, I could use things like laundry soap, paper towels, and toilet paper.

"She and her husband brought them over the next day in a big shopping bag. She brought be homemade laundry soap in jars. It’s all-natural laundry soap with castile soap, washing soda, Lemi Shine—I don’t know what that is—and kosher or Epsom salt. You grate the soap and you only use a tablespoon per load. This’ll go along way. And a big package of toilet paper and some paper towels. Along with an envelope with a gift card for $25 and $100 in cash.

"So, I called her and thanked her. She said, 'I contacted the Caring Committee at church. The First Unitarian Universalist Church. And they provided the funds for you.'

"Oh, wow. You know, that touched me so much, and it helped me out a lot."