A View From The Inside

Nov 18, 2020

'A View From The Inside' from Reb Beach
Credit Album Cover Art Courtesy Freeman Productions

Wednesday, November 18

Best known for his work with Winger and Whitesnake, guitarist Reb Beach has just issued a guitar-driven collection of instrumentals titled A View From The Inside. We’ll hear music from that release as well as selections from Steve Morse’s High Tension Wires.

Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here'
Credit Album Cover Art Courtesy Sony Legacy

Thursday, November 19

Listen for music from Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here LP as well as selections from Earth To Dora, the latest from Eels.

Friday, November 20

We’ll hear music from Speed, Sound, Lonely KV, the most recent release from Kurt Vile, plus music from Steve Wynn’s recent Decade boxed set.

'Getting Into Knives' from The Mountain Goats
Credit Album Cover Art Courtesy Merge Records

Saturday, November 21

Listen for music from Getting Into Knives, the latest from The Mountain Goats as well as Jeff Tweedy’s Love Is The King.

Wlico's Summerteeth
Credit Album Cover Art Courtesy Rhino Records

Monday, November 23

First released in 1999, Summerteeth was the third album from Wilco and marked a direction that the band would pursue further on its 2001 LP Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Summerteeth is now out in a new deluxe edition, featuring demos and live versions of familiar songs from the LP. We’ll hear music from it as well as selections from American Head, the latest from the Flaming Lips.

The Flat Five's 'Another World'
Credit Album Cover Art Courtesy Pravda Records

Tuesday, November 24

Listen for music from Another World, the latest from Chicago’s Flat Five plus selections by November featured artists Pink Floyd and Steve Wynn.