Tim Buchanan Finds Comfort In Playing Alone

Jun 17, 2019

Tim Buchanan's 'With Dusk … And On His Own'
Credit Album Cover Art

Tim Buchanan issued his solo debut album, With Dusk … And On His Own via the Appleton, Wisconsin imprint Crutch of Memory. Available only as a digital download or on vinyl, the album finds Buchanan backed by the band Dusk and, as the title indicates, solo.

Buchanan brings his psychedelic-inflected country sound to Ellis Street Moto, 310 S. Ellis, on Monday, June 17.

“We recorded the album about two years ago,” Buchanan recalls. “I’ve known Amos Pitsch from the label through his band Tenement. I don’t really know how it all happened, honestly. It was just really natural.”

Dusk joined the Oklahoma-based singer-songwriter for the song “Grinnin’.” “It was a song that I had written right before the tour that brought me to Appleton,” Buchanan says. “I liked Dusk a whole lot and I figured we could mesh pretty well. We recorded that the day after my gig up there. The rest were recorded the night of my show. It was pretty late, we went back to the studio, set up mics and I played what was essentially my set at the time.”

Buchanan grew up in Midwest City and began playing in area punk bands during his teens. “I moved to Oklahoma City when I was about 18 and started playing with anyone I could. I got really lucky, honestly, and have been able to play with a lot of interesting musicians. I got to spend a lot of time on the road with different people, take things in from different angles.”

The material heard on With Dusk … And On His Own provides insight into Buchanan’s prowess as a songwriter, especially on the tune “Believe Me.” “It’s one of my favorites on the record,” he says. “I’ve spent a lot of time with that song. I don’t really know where it came from though.”

Currently working on a follow-up to his debut, Buchanan has been working new material into his live shows. “They feel a lot more representative of me,” he says.

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