Is This Thing On?

Oct 1, 2018


We’re trying something new.

You’ve heard the on-air promos, you’ve seen the Facebook events. You may have thought that Generation Listen sounds like something you’d be interested in, but wondered what’s really in it for you. What is a podcast party, anyway?!

For the past eight months, the sentence “Generation Listen is a group for young public radio and podcast listeners who are passionate about keeping the conversation going,” has been burning a hole in my brain. As Chazz Michael Michaels from Blades of Glory once said: No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative. It gets the people going.

The thing, though, is that nobody can believe you if they don’t know what you’re saying. What does it mean to keep the conversation going? What are we even talking about in the first place?

So, it’s time to practice what we preach. Enter: a blog.

Wichita needs listeners now more than ever. Since the release of the Chung Report nearly three years ago, our sense of community pride has skyrocketed. The flag, the murals, the breweries, the t-shirts...each a positive, yet seemingly frivolous act of defiance in the face of a greater, looming fear. What have we got to prove? There are conversations happening and groups mobilizing, yet few people are actually on the same page.

This blog will be that page. We need a space where we can come together and help each other understand what’s happening in Wichita. Public radio is here to breathe life into our community and culture. As an extension of KMUW, Generation Listen will build this blog to share ideas, highlight game changers and foster a culture of enrichment. It’s about listening, connecting and engaging with one another in order to make real progress—once and for all.

We’ll have new articles every Monday from different guest writers in the community. We’ll cover a myriad of topics, from arts and culture to crime and homelessness. You can expect commentary, features and who knows what other kinds of fun stuff. This space will be a continuous work in progress, just like Wichita.

Want to be a writer? Have questions, ideas or comments? Let’s talk. Email me at

Ascha Lee is an Engagement Assistant at KMUW and an intern in the KMUW News Lab. Follow her on Twitter @aschalee.