Sedgwick County Judge Suspended For Sexual Harassment

Feb 27, 2015

Credit Jimmy Emerson, DVM, flickr Creative Commons

The Kansas Supreme Court has suspended a Sedgwick County District Judge without pay for 90 days. The ruling states that Judge Timothy Henderson was found to have sexually harassed female attorneys and staff. 

The Judicial Qualifications Commission handed down the suspension after substantiating accounts of sexual harassment from numerous female coworkers dating back to 2006. 

The ruling states that on multiple occasions, Judge Timothy Henderson verbally harassed coworkers. He was also found to have attempted to discredit an attorney for working with the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys. 

Judge Henderson was also found to have tried to use his office to get his wife a job.

The Kansas Supreme Court ordered Judge Henderson to complete a course in sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation prevention, in addition to the 90 day suspension without pay.