Pat Martino, Pat Metheny, Jazz Birthdays & Jazz Woodstock

Aug 12, 2019

'Orchestrion' by Pat Metheny
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Monday, August 12

Night Train celebrates Pat Metheny’s birthday with a program devoted entirely to his music. We’ll hear the famed guitarist as a leader, working with Charlie Haden, Joshua Redman, Marc Johnson, Gary Burton, Brad Mehldau, Roy Haynes, Cassandra Wilson, and Jim Hall, and in covers of his songs from the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet and flutist Holly Hofmann.

Pat Martino's 'Remember'
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Tuesday, August 13

Night Train marks birthdays of pianists Mulgrew Miller and George Shearing, continues the August feature with music from an album Pat Martino did in tribute to Wes Montgomery, and new music from singer Claire Martin, pianist Larry Fuller, and drummer Herlin Riley. In hour two of the show, it’s part one of a two part special featuring pianist, composer, vocalist and American music scholar Ben Sidran. We’ll hear part two tomorrow, on Sidran’s birthday.

'The Definition of Insanity (feat. Derek Dicenzo & Tony McClung)' by Tony Monaco
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Wednesday, August 14

Night Train birthday artists tonight include organist Tony Monaco (from his new album with Richie Cole and another with August featured artist Pat Martino), singer Lorez Alexandria, pianist and vocalist Jeannie Cheatham, and pianist, composer, vocalist, and American music scholar Ben Sidran. We’ll hear part two of a Sidran special in hour two of the show.

'Woodstock!' Erik Applegate & Time Child
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Thursday, August 15

Night Train joins in with Global Village and Strange Currency to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. In hour one of the show, it’s ‘Jazz Woodstock’ with jazz versions of songs performed at the festival, jazz versions of other songs from artists who appeared there, and an entrancing jazz version of Joni Mitchell’s iconic song, “Woodstock.” Then in hour two of the show, it’s a special about Santana, whose breakthrough performance at Woodstock helped launch the band nationally and make their debut album, released just a few weeks after Woodstock, a major hit.