O'Donnell Wins GOP Primary For Sedgwick County Commission's 2nd District

Aug 5, 2020

Voters picked Michael O’Donnell as the winner of the Republican primary for Sedgwick County Commission’s 2nd District.

Tuesday’s unofficial election results show O’Donnell received 52% of votes. Opponent Kathleen Garrison came in second with about 28%, and Cindy Miles finished third with 20%.

O’Donnell says the strong voter support will give him the edge in November.

"I am very encouraged that we still, in a three-candidate field, were able to hit over 50%," he said. "That was my goal from day one was to hit over 50%."

O’Donnell beat a four-term commissioner, Democrat Tim Norton, by fewer than 1,000 votes in 2016 to represent the 2nd District. During his first term, O’Donnell says he rejected pay raises for three years, and fought increases in property tax valuations.

O'Donnell says one of his proudest moments was supporting the hiring of Tom Stolz as the Sedgwick County manager.

"He’s just been exceptional. Morale is up, employees are happy. We’ve been able to find the right team," O’Donnell said. "I’m not sitting here bragging that we’re prefect.

"We’re far from perfect, but it’s hard to argue that we’re not in a better place than where we were four years ago when I came on."

O’Donnell’s career includes successful elections for the Wichita City Council and Kansas State Senate. He was elected to the city council in April 2011 and served through 2013, when he resigned his seat to become a state senator for District 25.

O’Donnell has to win one more time to get a second term on the county commission. He'll face Democrat Sarah Lopez in the November general election.

"I think the voters have given me a great springboard, and we’re going to be able to compete," O'Donnell said. "We have more than three times the amount of money on hand as Sarah Lopez does."

The county’s 2nd District includes Haysville, Clearwater and parts of southwest Wichita.

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