The New Haitian Sound

Nov 18, 2019

Media coverage of Haiti is usually reduced to unrest and natural disasters.

But Haitian DJ Michael Brun wants to show people a different side of Haiti through his music.

His new album, “Lokal,” is a collection of contemporary Haitian sound, which he says is underrepresented in modern music.

From Teen Vogue:

“People know Reggae music, they know Jamaican music, they know Dancehall, they know Reggaeton. Generally, you’ll know at least one vibe from a country in the Caribbean, but Haiti for some reason is off the map. I wanted to change that.”

Brun began incorporating Haitian influences into his music after noticing a shift in taste in the pop landscape.

We talk with the DJ about “Lokal” and his latest recommendations for new music coming out of Haiti.

Produced by Haili Blassingame


Michael Brun, Dj, record producer; @MichaelBrun

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