A Musical Life: Roni Lowry

Mar 31, 2017

Roni Lowry holds a BA in Cello Performance from Wichita State University. She performs as a solo artist and teaches the instrument as a paraeducator at Goddard Academy and in private. She is also a member of the Newton Mid-Kansas Symphony Orchestra.

“[The cello] is my favorite stringed instrument because it has such a good range. You can play really high and it’ll sound exactly like a violin but then it also has that depth and that bass that you want.

Basically, my best friend was in orchestra. She played the violin and I wanted to play violin too. But the teacher said, ‘No, we have too many violin players, so you’re going to play the cello.’

I’ve always been interested in writing so I guess you could say that I started singing because … if I were just speaking poetry it would be as interesting. In high school my creative outlet was writing poetry, so I guess I just wanted to eventually sing about these messages and all of this stuff that I wanted to get out there in the world. So I just decided to try it one day and so I just decided to try it one day and one of my friends said, ‘Hey, you’re pretty good at that it.’ So I just kept doing it.”