A Musical Life: Michael Carmody

Oct 16, 2015

Michael Carmody is a veteran of numerous Wichita bands including Winking Spaniard, The Sluggos, Jones 6, The New Deal, Carganza.

“My latest project is The Pents, which is a project comprised of myself and my son Nash, who will be four years old next month.

Nash has always shown a predilection for music. His mother used to say that when he was still inside of her, when she was listening to music she would feel him kicking in time. He has certainly shown himself out to have a strong sense of rhythm.

It is difficult for him to play long passages of anything because he is three and he gets bored. But he has a natural affinity for playing the drums.

He likes to hear the ‘Elephant’ song because he has a little vocal break on it and it’s always so exciting to him when he hears his voice on the track, he’s like, ‘That’s me! That’s me!’”