A Musical Life: Mason Monigold

Jan 4, 2019

Mason Monigold
Credit Doug Horacio Holguin Lynn

Mason Monigold is a multi-instrumentalist based in Wichita whose credits included work with Remains To Be Seen, Blood Tide, Dougie Jones and The Sonny Jims, Mystery Blood and Master Mood TV.

“I like to both express my own creative impulses and help other people express theirs in the most exciting or best way possible. If someone needs someone to play an instrument in a band and I like what they’re already doing and I hear something I think I can bring to it, then I try to jump on it if I think I have any spare time that I can do it justice.

When I write a song for myself, it usually comes fully formed, basically. I might have to work out a last verse or something on my own. When I am working on songs with other projects I like it to be as collaborative as possible. I might bring in part of a song but bring it in knowing that it might change into something totally different by the time we’re all done with it. So, bits and pieces can go to bands but I like to really work off of what other people are bringing to it when it’s not something I consider my own personal project.

It can be hard to hear an idea change at first but I’ve had enough experience in playing music now that I almost always know that it’s going to be better for having had other peoples’ minds involved in it than it would be if it was something that I just anchor down and keep from moving where it needs to go.”