A Musical Life: Craig “Twister” Steward

Apr 28, 2017

Craig “Twister” Steward has been playing and recording music on a local and global scale for decades. He record a number of songs with Frank Zappa and appears on albums such as Joe’s Garage, The Man From Utopia and You Are What You Is. He is a consistent presence in the Wichita music scene and frequently appears at Zappa-related events throughout Europe.

“I was a gymnast in high school. My music is an extension of my sport career. I was a tumbler and my solos have a lot to do with my tumbling routines.

It’s a lot of fun: The daring young man on the flying trapeze. I’m not going to get hurt, physically, when I fail, as I do. When I fall on a solo it’s OK. I’m not [going to suffer] broken bones. Maybe broken reputation and ego and so forth.

Just a hint to people who play music. You will be a lot better player the day you give yourself permission to make a mistake. When you arrive there you’re really starting to get to a place where you’re going to be more creative. I realize that you’re going to have that fear for a long time. I still do periodically.”