A Musical Life: Colby Dean Runyan

Jan 31, 2020

Credit courtesy photo

Colby Dean Runyan performs under the name Moon Lagoon. His at work on a new album, This Results In Escapism.

“The strangest instrument I probably play? I’ve gotten really into modular synthesis. I don’t really know the first thing about it. I just slowly started with different modules. I’ll create different patches. It’s like reverse engineering. I’ll learn how to use them. I will also feed things like my guitar and my steel guitar and I’ll bow things and feed that into the modular synthesis and work on making something out of that.

“Not knowing things definitely feeds creativity for me specifically. I really don’t even know how to play the guitar. I just do it. I guess. If you want to call it that. Some people might argue with that. But it allows me to be truly free in the truest form.”