A Musical Life: Candice Sullivan

Mar 27, 2020

Credit courtesy photo

Candice Sullivan is a classically trained vocalist who fronts Candice and the Business Casual.

"I grew up in the classical field. From age seven until about 18, I sang in operas only. I moved to Wichita with my family and was singing Aretha Franklin and thought, 'I can sing something other than classical.' That's really where it started.

"As a frontperson of a band or a singer of a band you are the one who really has to set the tone and the energy for that night. At least in my group, as a duo primarily, I’m the person who sets that energy level. Even if I’m feeling like 40 percent I still have to act like I’m at 110 because the crowd will feed off you. In that instance, conveying that connection and that emotion is very much the same as the classical experience. That’s exactly what you're doing: You're telling a story and trying to connect in a way with people way in the back row."


The edition of A Musical Life originally aired on December 20, 2019.