A Musical Life: Andrew Stephens

Feb 17, 2017

Andrew Stephens serves as Creative Director at BalancedComp and has designed album covers for musical acts such as Kill Vargas, Francis Moss, The Coma Calling and Vehicles. He lives, with his family, in Wichita.

“In a perfect world you hear the music before you start working. That doesn’t always happen. Sometimes you have to go off of just knowing the people, generally knowing what they play and what their themes are. But it definitely helps to hear the music because I think a successful album cover captures and communicates the essence of the music.

An official version of a Kill Vargas cover
Credit Courtesy photo

Especially with digital music you see them in a sea of other covers. It’s not at a record store while you’re flipping through. Often times the artist’s name or the album title is pretty small and it’s also lost, so it makes the cover work much harder.”