Marginalia: David Stuart MacLean On How We Learn To Hate

Mar 30, 2021

There is a blurb from Mat Johnson on the back of How I Learned to Hate in Ohio that reads: “David Stuart MacLean is a writer who can break your heart, terrify you, and make you laugh, all on the same page.” I’m typically not a blurb reader, but this was such a good description of MacLean’s writing that I had to include it.

How I Learned to Hate in Ohio is a coming of age story set in the mid to late 80s in central Ohio. It takes a hard look at the high school hierarchy of power, insular ignorance and fear of the other. And we have Gatsby along for the ride.

I recently spoke with David Stuart MacLean about his novel How I Learned to Hate in Ohio. Here’s our conversation: 


How I Learned To Hate in Ohio by David Stuart MacLean was published by The Overlook Press.

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