Brings Sundance Film Festival To Wichita

Jan 27, 2021

The Sundance Film Festival has helped launch some of the biggest names in filmmaking over the last three decades, including Quentin Tarantino, Steven Soderbergh, and Paul Thomas Anderson.

Like everyone, festival organizers have had to get creative to put on this year's event, but they've taken a step beyond just going virtual.

Lela Meadow-Conner, the founder of Wichita's microcinema, sat down with KMUW's Fletcher Powell to talk about how she was able to bring this year's version of the world-famous festival to the big screen here in Wichita.

Lela Meadow-Conner is the founder of Wichita's Sundance screenings run Thursday through Tuesday at the Starlite Drive-In, you can find schedule and ticket information at, and you can follow along with Fletcher Powell throughout the festival as he provides updates on his thoughts and favorites at