Luther Vandross, One-Of-A-Kind Vocalist

Jun 25, 2019

2001 self-titled album from Luther Vandross
Credit Album Cover Art

Sunday, June 30

Hear engaging music from one-of-a-kind R&B vocalist Luther Vandross on Soulsations.

In a recent Vibe article, Naima Cochrane writes, "And while his voice is appreciated–he’s featured on every greatest vocalist list of note–the full range and depth of Luther’s vocal craftsmanship are not. He was a writer, producer, and one of the greatest vocal manipulators in the game, as well-known and sought-after from early in his career for his vocal arrangements as his singing." The New York Times once described Vandross as having an “obsession with the human voice, bordering on clinical.”

Vandross won eight Grammy Awards and sold 30 million albums worldwide.